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Case Study 1
OneSalon: 54 reviews in 3 months...

As you can see the process explained here was able to get Michelle at OneSalon a 40 times increase in monthly Google reviews starting immediately.

Here is a link to the OneSalon Google profile so you can check it out for yourself:


Here is a video review from the owner of OneSalon:

OneSalon is just one of many examples

So why does it matter?

From womply research:
  • Businesses with 200 reviews or more earn nearly twice as much in revenue than average
  • Businesses with 25 or more fresh (90 days) reviews earn 108% more than average
  • An above-average number of reviews on Google has the largest positive impact on revenue of all review sites
  • Businesses that claim their free listings on at least 4 review sites earn 58% more revenue

Beat Your Competitors

Reviews are the fastest, most effective way to be seen on the top of Google Maps and other local platforms. Review ratings that are consistent across local sites help you achieve the top spot and provides evidence for your future customer that you are worth a call.

Case Study 2
Avalon Pharmacy: 94 reviews in 2 months...

Before they initiated this process they were getting less than 4 google reviews per month.

After they adopted this process they acquired 94 five star google reviews in only 2 months! That’s 13 times the monthly reviews.

Check Avalon’s Google profile here:

"It took me a month to get 5 reviews before. I got 5 in one day with your app. Thank you. Most of my clients are older and they love this!"

How does it work?

Case Study 3
Ranger Pest Control: 231 reviews in 11 months...

This pest control company had an emphasis on yelp reviews. They acquired 75 yelp reviews in less than a year! You know how hard that is. That doesn’t include the reviews that were removed from yelp, these are the ones that stayed. Not to mention the 115 Google reviews in the same time period. 

Check out Ranger’s Google Profile:


Vance, Owner Ranger Pest Control
"I signed up for this service and right away started getting new reviews. The app is so easy to use! And the tools on the website are amazing. I look forward to tripling the reviews per month we get for my pest control business. Thanks Zurvia!"

New reviews on Google, Facebook and Yelp are only a few clicks away!

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Reputation Consistency = Trust

Trust is HUGE. You obviously need the trust of your potential customers. You also need trust from Google! Having a consistent review profile across the web will mean more customers and better rankings by Google. By being proactive with your reviews you can spread the love through multiple review sites.

Let your customers do your marketing, it can even be completely automated!

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The feedback you need off the record

Honest feedback is great when its not online, right? When your customer gives you 3 or less stars we send them to an internal form that lets them write a review only you can see. This gives your customer an opportunity to provide feedback, but prevents any online damage.  This also give your business a chance to fix any problems which leads to more good reviews.

Case Study 4
EcoWater: 192 reviews in 5.5 months...

It took them 5.5 months to get 7 Google reviews. Using this method they were able to get 182 in  5.5 months! That’s a 26 times increase!

EcoWater found a way to automate the review request process using their CRM plus our solution. Now reviews are baked into their process forever and the train will never stop. 

Check out their google profile here:


"I would like to tell you how pleased we are with the results we are getting from Zurvia. Your software makes it very simple for us to harness positive feedback from our customers and direct them to their favorite social media platform where they can leave us a review without having too many clicks. It’s a seamless process for the customer and works very efficiently. The Zapier integration from Zurvia has allowed us to create automated workflow from our Salesforce CRM and ensures that all qualified clients are sent a Zurvia request with no overhead from our office staff. It’s as easy as it can be."
Kris - Owner Eco Water Texas

A few of our features...

Send requests via email or text message
Automate requests with webhooks or via Zapier
Block reviews less than 4 stars, keep the feedback
Multi-site monitoring, see everything in one place
View customizable analytics to keep an eye on your rep
Mobile apps available on iPhone and Android
Customize everything to match your brand
Unlimited Users, Include the whole team
Track which user is responsible for each review
No commitments, cancel anytime
Bulk send review requests via CSV file upload
Auto send a follow up request to increase conversion
Tiered access, manage multiple locations easily
Get alerts via email for new reviews or feedback
Mobile responsive site for ease of access anytime

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