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What we do:
1. Get authentic positive reviews
2. Bring in new customers
3. Repeat

Image example of how Zurvia improves rankings

What we do:
1. Get authentic positive reviews
2. Bring in new customers
3. Repeat

Image example of how Zurvia improves rankings
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Beat Your Competitors

Reviews are the fastest, most effective way to be seen on the top of Google Maps and other local platforms. Review ratings that are consistent across local sites help you achieve the top spot and provides evidence for your future customer that you are worth a call.
How Zurvia helps with the Google Maps Three Pack ranking.

How does it work?

Review Request Screen
Text message screen
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So why does it matter?

  • Businesses with 200 reviews or more earn nearly twice as much in revenue than average
  • Businesses with 25 or more fresh (90 days) reviews earn 108% more than average
  • An above-average number of reviews on Google has the largest positive impact on revenue of all review sites
  • Businesses that claim their free listings on at least 4 review sites earn 58% more revenue

New reviews on Google, Facebook and Yelp are only a few clicks away!

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Reputation Consistency = Trust

Trust is HUGE. You obviously need the trust of your potential customers. You also need trust from Google! Having a consistent review profile across the web will mean more customers and better rankings by Google. By being proactive with your reviews you can spread the love through multiple review sites.
Reviews from Google, Yelp, and Facebook

Let your customers do your marketing, it can even be completely automated!

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How reviews are screened.

The feedback you need off the record

Honest feedback is great when its not online, right? When your customer gives you 3 or less stars we send them to an internal form that lets them write a review only you can see. This gives your customer an opportunity to provide feedback, but prevents any online damage.  This also give your business a chance to fix any problems which leads to more good reviews.

A few of our features...

Send requests via email or text message
Automate requests with webhooks or via Zapier
Block reviews less than 4 stars, keep the feedback
Multi-site monitoring, see everything in one place
View customizable analytics to keep an eye on your rep
Mobile apps available on iPhone and Android
Customize everything to match your brand
Unlimited Users, Include the whole team
Track which user is responsible for each review
No commitments, cancel anytime
Bulk send review requests via CSV file upload
Auto send a follow up request to increase conversion
Tiered access, manage multiple locations easily
Get alerts via email for new reviews or feedback
Mobile responsive site for ease of access anytime

Don't leave your reputation to chance. Take control now.

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